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Info Elite

Discussion in 'Survival' started by makemp2014, Jan 28, 2018.

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    Aug 13, 2017
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    When donating for Elite you will getting to following:

    Generasl commands you able to use:
    • /nick – Change your ingame name with colors
    • /warp create – Create 30 warps (15 public and 15 open warps)
    • /sethome – Create 3 Homes
    • /hat – Put a block on your head
    • /afk – Sets your status to /afk
    • /itemdb – Check the itemid of an item
    • /depth – Check your current height
    • /clearinventory – Clear your inventory
    • /chairs <on/off> – Toggle chairs on/off
    • /mypet - Able to use the 8 pets

    Other Perks

    allows to open shulker box from your inventory

    5% faster mcmmo levels remaining

    5000 money

    +10,000 claimblocks

    200 bankslots

    Access to join a full server

    Both the money and claimblock you can collect it at the spawn at the donators reward npc, or with the command /reward.


    You are able to use the following mypet commands:
    • /petinfo
      • show the following info about your or another player's pet:
        • hitpoints
        • experience
        • damage
        • owner (only when pets isn't yours)
        • skilltree
    • /petname [new-pet-name
      • set the name of your pet.
      • owners can use colors to make the name of their pets more colorfull with this placeholder:
        • <black>, <darkaqua>, <darkblue>, <darkgreen>, <darkred>, <darkpurple>, <gold>, <gray>, <darkgray>, <blue>, <green>, <aqua>, <red>, <lightpurple>, <yellow>, <white>, <magic>, <bold>, <strikethrough>, <underline>, <italic>, <reset>
    • /petrelease [pet-name]
      • release your pet so you don't have a pet anymore
    • /petcall
      • teleports your pet to you.
    • /petsendaway
      • send your pet away
    • /pcst
      • shows all available skilltrees and lets you selects a skilltree for your pet
    • /petskill
      • shows info about the skills of your pet.
    • /petstop
      • orders your pet to stop attacking his target
    • /pettype <pettype>
      • displays info about the pettype like default HP, leash flags and food
    • /petinventory [playername]
      • opens the inventory of your pet
      • can not be opened when pet is in water/lava
    • /petpickup
      • toggles pickup of your pet on/off
      • requires Inventory with at least one row of slots
    • /petbehavior [mode]
      • toggles the behavior your pet
      • modes:
        • friendly -> the pet will not fight even when it's attacked by anything
        • normal -> the pet will act like a normal wolf
        • aggressive -> attacks automaticly everythink within 15 blocks of the owner
        • farm -> attacks automaticly every Monster within 15 blocks of the owner
        • raid -> like normal but the pet will not attack players and their minions (wolves, ocelot, pets)
        • duel -> pets will attack other pets with active duel behavior within a 5 block radius
    • /petbeacon
      • opens the beacon window of your pet
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