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Player Head Return?

Discussion in 'Survival' started by AwesomePlayz100, Mar 11, 2018 at 3:19 AM.

  1. AwesomePlayz100

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    Aug 19, 2016
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    Hello Players of Minemensia, I am here to offer a feature that can influence more players to work On PVP, building, Or even in general Skills! I am here to offer the idea of Player Heads returning, for long lasting Minemensia players you know their used to be a way to get player heads. With this feature, I am offering a way to bring that back. But in order to do it you gotta work for it! With these features, you can set the percentage amount to a minimum of 50% or under, 33%, etc. In order to get these heads you must go to /warp pvp and Kill the Player, they have the chance set to drop their head along with their items, I offer that the more looting you have on your weapon, The better the chances: For Example; 33% on a weapon with no looting, 41% on a wepon with looting 1, 47% on a looting 2 sword, and 55% on a Looting 3 sword, and so on. This option would be great for builders, in a case where you get your friend to set a stone skin, and then kill them over and over till you get what you needed, of course you'll need to do that in a secluded area, but that is part of the risk for player heads. It can also be good for some "Trophies", Basically everyone you've killed and feel worthy enough to go on your Trophy Wall/Room! This can also be applied to prison, factions, and skyblock! This will allow for More Building designs, etc. Please take this feature into consideration. As before I know part of the reason the heads were removed was because of entity lag ( I know this might not exactly be the case, this is just what I can barely remember), With the recent changes to the host. Maybe the server can handle this as it's better then how it was before. Please take these suggestions into consideration, I am a donor on Minemensia and I strive to see the Community and the Moderators Be happy with what they work with, I love this server and hope a single thing could change something entirely huge. Think about this, and enjoy the rest of your Day/Night..

    You're slimy Frog, Awesome