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INFO Helper Application Format

Discussion in 'General staff application information' started by Lea, Jun 6, 2018.

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    So you have decided to make an application to become part of our staff team, fantastic!

    However to protect players and staff, we do have some requirements for the server, so before you continue with your application please make sure you meet the following criteria before applying:-

    You must :-
    • Be 13 years of age or older
    • Be able to speak fluent English to communicate with all staff
    • Have played on this server for a minimum of 1 month (and know and obey our rules)
    • Have a Microphone / Discord to be able to communicate with staff when required
    • Be friendly and professional at all times
    • Keep things private and confidential (even if it’s your friend)
    • Not be bias and be able to give punishments to everybody who breaks rules
    • Not currently be Staff / Owner of another server

    If you have all the above that’s great! You are able to make an application! If you don’t meet the criteria feel free to make an application when you do (eg, when you turn 13).

    We advise you to use the following format when making your application, if you fail to do so, your application could be denied. Please copy and paste this on your application and fill in the questions with your answers. Please be as honest as you can and don’t forget to answer our scenarios! (Please click Here to start a new application)

    Application Layout:-

    Name: Your First name (or Nickname you wish to be called by us)
    Age: Required (Please be honest on your application!)
    In Game Name: Required
    Discord: Required (so we can talk to you or discuss your application and to communicate with us if your accepted)
    Time Zone / Preferred game mode: What is your timezone (or country) and your most played game mode
    Ban History: Required (list all ban history here in the past month, mutes warnings bans , if you don’t remember all just state that you have had a punishment)
    Experience:  List here any experience you may have from other servers or if you do not have experience not to worry, just state you don’t have any. Experience is not required though it’s desired, We can give you all the training you need so don’t let this put you off it doesn’t affect your application outcome. (If you do have experience make sure you list the server name and what role you did for the server)

    • What would you do if a player was swearing in public chat constantly? (And you have already pre warned them to stop).

    • What would you do if a player was trying to get other players to go to another server?

    • How would you deal with a player that was hacking / threatening to bot attack the server?

    • What would you do if you saw another staff member abusing his or her powers in game for their own benefit? (Using gm 1 to gain money or fill their player shops etc)

    • And if you were to be staff, how would you feel about your new gained powers? What would be the first thing you would do? Or not do?. Feel free to give your feedback in this part about what you think would be expected to do as a helper for our server, and how would you use it to help players (If you are not sure of any commands not to worry just try your best to answer regardless)

    Please take your time to answer all questions, and be fully honest no matter what. We look forward to processing your application and best of luck !

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    The Staff at MineMensia
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