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Announcement respect

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by makemp2014, Mar 22, 2017.

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  1. makemp2014

    makemp2014 Guest

    Hello crafters of MineMensia,

    Well I am quit shocked about some words or reaction of some players that was shown in the entire network of Minemensia. Even to a point becoming very discriminating and blaming staff for it.
    Any form of discrimination is not allowed even disrespect to anyone.
    Some players that already shown multiple misbehaviours have alreade effected by it by getting banned in the entire network off Minemensia.

    I am aware that respect works both ways, but that doesn't always have to come from the staff.
    Also it seems now that people going to exaggerated the words  that became from the previous owner or staff, and giving the blame on the staff because they don't give the right answers simple  they don't have always the right answers to give but they have to answers it somehow.

    So if you give any respect to the staff they will give respect back, also be nice and follow the rules and it will be fine and we have to work together to earn others respect.


    aka makemp2014
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  2. Quickii

    Quickii Former Dedicated Player

    Oct 24, 2015
    Personally I think it should start with the staff then the players. If there is no respect from staff, players will leave. However you see it is all on you, but I agree respect shouldn't be exempt from normal conversation, or even arguments.

    I know you mentioned something about people exaggerating staff's words. So I'm pulling it straight from your own post, and telling it how I see it. From what I understand you're saying staff doesn't always need to respect others, like it something they can switch it's on and off. I do understand staff have to be blunt at times, but don't confuse a staff members' job and disrespect. Also, staff should always be respectful no matter the situation. A respectful staff member is more productive in their work, and are more fair with their judgments. So I really don't understand what you mean't by that.

    Anyways, I do understand why you wrote this and I personally agree (mostly agree)  with what you have said.

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  3. makemp2014

    makemp2014 Guest


    Well  I don't totally agree, because if a player don't show there respect doesn't work either, otherwise either, so in short it works both ways

    Well this isn't totally what I meant, more as what you so that that the staff have to be blunt in time although when they do though they have a reason for it and lately it was taken to harshly.  Also I believe respect will also be created in a healthy and stable environment and sadly lately that wasn't the case and I think for creating one is / are at least the owner(s) responsible for.


    aka makemp2014
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  4. makemp2014

    makemp2014 Guest

    I have close it because I don't think anymore reply, isn't necessary
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