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INFO Top Voter Is Back!!

Discussion in 'News' started by Lea, Jul 4, 2018.

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  1. Lea

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    Jun 29, 2016
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    Hey Everybody!!!

    So if your not already aware we are re introducing the Top Voter of every month! (Starting July 2018). For those who don't know what this is i'll explain below.

    Every month (until further notice) if you are the top voter for our server you will receive a 1  x 15€ Voucher for our Store .  You can vote at least 7 times per day across all 7 vote websites. There are some terms and conditions about the usage of our voucher and some requirements on how to obtain the voucher :-

    1. You must be a member on our forums in order to receive / use and redeem the voucher
    2. You must only vote for yourself and not ask anybody else to vote for you in order to obtain more vote counts, if you are caught with more than the normal amount of votes required in the month to win you will be automatically disqualified.
    3. There can only be 1 winner per month to receive the voucher, If there is a tie all top voter names will be placed on a random name generator to pick the winner

    We all wish you the best of luck!! and we are looking forward to seeing our first top voter again!! :D


    MineMensia Staff Team
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Thread Status:
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