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INFO creative reset

Discussion in 'News' started by makemp2014, Jul 3, 2017.

  1. makemp2014

    makemp2014 Guest

    Hello crafter of MineMensia,

    Well on the the topic of the Prison reset topic I mentioned that I am going to reset, but firstly because of the the ban reset and all it was already some delay.

    Although because of some issues with Creative I am forced to reset it first.
    If you have any build you have build for eggwars o skywar, please send me a private message.


    aka makemp2014
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  2. makemp2014

    makemp2014 Guest



    I want to inform you that the creative would be reset on Friday 21 July, the entire server doesn't have to go into maintenance mode so I believe there reset should take in a few hours time.

    If you are wondering what is changed, for one the pvp have been removed because it brought to many issues with it the other is a surprise. Also I can also add that creative is then 1.12


    aka makemp2014
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  3. makemp2014

    makemp2014 Guest

    update: I going for personal resons reset, the creative reset dat to Saturday 22 July.
  4. xiFrosty

    xiFrosty xiFrosty the winter boy

    Jan 22, 2017
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    So will we have any maintenances ??
  5. makemp2014

    makemp2014 Guest

    Wel no the server doesn't have to go into maintence mode, only creative would be offline then for a while
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